Welcome to DX360

DX360 is an advertising agency. A team of professionals came together to give a practical shape to several things, including ideas, dreams.

From posters on the wall to talking on the only place where it’s fit to talk to a wall (Facebook, in case you were wondering), we cover the entire gamut from ATL, BTL to Digital Marketing.


We are DX360. A 360-degree solutions powerhouse. Be it digital, ATL, BTL or we set our sight on solutions that work for you and your brand.

We consider ‘Brand Psychology’ essential for what we do and think. We believe offline stores are meeting points for customers who shop online. This is the time when brands can emulate all the things said and promised. We stress on re-inventing things, a lot. Our core focus is on empowering the cause of small and mid-sized businesses. We want to bring the power of digital marketing into every single hand.

  • Like your favorite stand-up, DX360 has a witty approach
  • Like your favorite food, we’re crispy and creamy
  • Like your favorite superhero, we’ll do everything to uphold the dignity of your brand

DX360 is about launching an action, in technical. We came together to form a place where digital connects with creative forces in all its glory.
DX360 is about making two distant ends meet – Client and the Copy, acoustic jam happening over copywriting sessions, writing social media updates lengthier than an expression but shorter than tweet, finding ways to turn people’s stories into campaigns…

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Online Marketing

IMC Marketing

Our IMC Marketing is strategic, collaborative, and promotional business function, through which a targeted audience senses consistent, persuasive, and reinforcing brand messaging

OTO (Offline to Online)

Getting the creative and commercial aspects right is the primary objective of our mobile app development team. We can execute the plan flawlessly from imagination to virtual reality

Social Media Marketing

Our social media team knows the importance of creating different marketing strategies for each channel like Facebook and Twitter. We can get the best ROI by narrowing it down to potential audience

Display Network

GDN, Ad Play, Ad Choice, Eskemi, CPC, SEM, Placement, HTML5 Ads, Light box Ad, GIF, Display Banner


Our SEO & SEM strategy focuses on strengthening the brand image. We follow a wider approach from offering feedback on web content to designing landing pages

Website Design and Development

We ensure that every page adds to the overall appeal factor of your website. We study consumer behavior before finalizing design and other crucial aspects.

Pay Per Click Marketing

We select the high performing keywords, incorporate them into a specially-designed marketing program and craft specific landing pages to drive online traffic

Viral Trend

We can create effective viral campaigns that drives traffic and results. We consider creativity to be the deciding factor of positive ROI.


Offline Marketing

GTM Planning

Our GTM strategy specifies how a company will reach target customers and achieve competitive advantage

OTO (Online to Offline)

We provide strategic assistance to help brands maintain the right image. We oversee all aspects that help customers understand the brand better

Creative Advertising

We offer creative solutions to help brands penetrate into newer markets. Our marketing philosophy is based on creating a unique identity that matches to customer’s expectations

Brand Management

We provide strategic assistance to help brands maintain the right image. We oversee all aspects that help customers understand the brand better

Creative Visual

We consider capturing brand essence in graphics a huge step forward. We treat visual communication as one of the most effective and engaging techniques in modern marketing

Campaign Planning

We stress on developing campaigns that highlight the superior or beneficial nature of products and services. It should also underline how it touches customer’s life in unimaginable ways

Brand Identity

Our strategic viewpoint help brands to ideate corporate identity through different works of art like logos, marketing collateral, slogans etc. to facilitate the achievement of business objectives

Print Production

We offer complete printing solutions right from color scheme to ideation. We can create that killing identity for you to break into the top league. We’ve a team that would put powerful concepts into action


We use our experiences to build yours

We shoot off concepts that work. DX360 comprises of a core team of creative consultants who have had an extensive experience in dealing with brands of all kinds and briefs of every nature.

We analyze website design, social profiles and content to identify areas of opportunity and fix them up

We study brand history and evolution pattern of the last few years to develop brand-conscious and target-oriented strategies

We focus on developing a unique brand identity by syncing social with all offline and online marketing programs

In the case of a new start-up, we look for ideology and goals the company is built upon

Our Team

Syedis Sakalayen


Dewan Kanon


Tariq Raihan Mithu

COO & Creative Director
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